A Mother, A Woman, An Amazing Voice....

Anne Cochran
Hearing Anne sing for the first time is breathtaking. It's like stepping into a church and watching the light catch a beautiful piece of stained glass. It bring that same kind of peace and joy to me.  I first heard her on a Jim Brickman and Friends DVD and was blown away.  Even better, she is just as fabulous live.

I moved from Alaska to Ohio in the fall of 2007. One of the very first things I did was find out when and if Jim Brickman would be touring near me.  Lucky for me he was. Dayton Ohio has a beautiful outdoor amphitheater and I couldn't wait to see Jim and Anne perform live. The show was everything I could have hoped for.  After the performance while Jim meets his VIP fan club members, Anne Cochran and Tracy Silverman come out greet fans and sign CD's.  She is incredibly beautiful in person and so gracious.  Her smile lights up the room and when you get her talking about her boys it goes up another notch.  If you ever have the opportunity to see her perform live, whether with Jim Brickman or solo I highly recommend it.

For Anne, Home Truly Is Where The Heart Is....

Anne Cochran CD Cover Art
Growing up in Cleveland Ohio where she still makes her home, Anne started singing almost as soon as she could talk.  With a mom crooning the likes of Doris Day, Ella and Peggy Lee and a big sister rocking out to the Beatles, the Kinks, and Paul Simon, Anne was influenced by some of the best, most timeless music ever to touch the ear. Gaining stage experience with leads in school musicals she was soon rocking Cleveland herself with the Hash Brown Band, Timmy and the Tuxedos or Nitebridge. 

Meeting the love of her life thanks to jury duty, a marriage and two children later, Anne saved her rock gigs for the weekend and pursued a successful career as the familiar voice of hundreds of well known national commercials.

Joining Jim Brickman on his first Asian tour, she has been a fixture on his tours ever since. Most of the year she travels with Jim and shares the stage with the likes of our January 2010 featured artist Mark Masri, country star Colin Raye, electric violinist Tracy Silverman and many many more.

In 2009 Anne released her seventh solo album "Close To Me".  Her site says "
As the album title suggests, "Close To Me" is all about themes from a very personal place. The 11 new tracks include several jewels written by Anne, a duet with Jim Brickman, and three original titles by Tracy Silverman, who produced and recorded the new CD in Nashville with all the energy and creativity he has brought to so much of his own music." I say it's an amazing album and a must have for any true music lover.

Anne Cochran ~ Sing Out

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Fun Facts....

Favorite Number ~ 7

Favorite Food ~ Seafood

Favorite Drink ~ Green Drink made fresh in her juicer

1st Album ~ Linda Ronstadt & The Stone Ponies

1st Concert ~ John Denver

Anne Cochran ~ Moody's Bar

Anne Cochran's Stats

Full Name:
Anne Spoeneman Cochran

Birth Date:
February 5th

Happily Married

Lives in:

Cleveland Ohio

No. of Albums:
Anne Cochran and Mark Masri
Anne Cochran & Mark Masri
Anne Cochran and Tracy Silverman
Anne Cochran & Tracy Silverman
Anne Cochran
Donnie Osmond and Anne Cochran
Donnie Osmond & Anne Cochran