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Mark Masri

Mark Masri
The first time I met Mark Masri was at a Children's Hospital benefit in Columbus Ohio where he was performing with Jim Brickman and friends.  I thought I knew what to expect, having seen Jim Brickman and friends before ... then this cute guy walks on to the stage and blows me away with his amazing voice. 

To say I was stunned is putting it mildly.  Luckily for me, the benefit included a reception for those of us who bought the VIP tickets.  At the reception I talked to Mark and loved discovering that all that talent is held within a truly nice guy.  We spent several minutes talking about the music and then I asked him about his family.  He whipped out a picture of his beautiful son and forever endeared himself to me.

A year later I approached him about being our premiere Featured Artist for the new website and he was delighted.  He answered my grueling list of 80+ questions and has offered up a couple autographed CD's to give away. 

Getting to know Mark....

Mark Masri
I've often heard Mark Masri described as the "Canadian Singing Sensation". In fact I've used that to title this article but I'll bet if asked to describe himself that "father" would be one of first descriptors he'd use.  After meeting him you walk away with the feeling that this "average easy going guy", to use his words, just feels blessed to be doing something that he loves.

If he wasn't a performer he'd be a medical doctor and in fact was studying to become one when he decided to pursue his first love, music.
"Music is kind of like medicine, I guess; it heals the body and soothes the soul."

Mark is the son of a pastor and a gospel singer. His earliest performances were in his fathers church and he stayed true to those roots with his self titled debut album in 2000. "Mark Masri" is an amazing collection of gospel songs receiving a Juno nomination for Best Gospel Record. 

Mark says he is "somewhat A.D.D. when it comes to his musicianship" and that he needs "to be changing things up all the time in order to maintain interest"  This is evident in his next two albums.  "See My Face" is a collection of covers and originals that lean more toward the soulful and R & B.  "Christmas Is" is as it sounds a Christmas album that shows off his classical training. Who would think that a song sung in LATIN, of all languages, would captivate me but Mark's rendition of Panis Angelicus is hauntingly beautiful.

 Now Available                  

Mark Masri CD Cover Art
La Voce Cover Art
"La Voce", released January 2010, has a more European feel and is pretty star studded with collabarations with Jon Secada, Amy Sky and Jim Brickman just to name a few. With songs sung in six languages and defined on his site as "a collection of romantic, soulful, orchestral pop", I think it is safe to say that you can't pin Mark down to just one genre. What I find so fascinating is how he sounds so classically trained on one song and so bluesy on the next. I never know what I am going to hear next and I LOVE IT. 

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Mark Masri supports World Vision

Let me let him tell you why World Vision is a great organization....

"I love the work of World Vision. They are development minded and changing third world communities.  They empower local leaders to make good decisions and become self-sufficient, breaking the cycle of poverty.  World Vision is committed to the ideal that every child deserves the right to dance, sing, play and be educated."


Pictures from "A Christmas Time with You" Photo Shoot

Mark Masri ~ The Face

Mark's Stats....

Full Name:
Mark J.S. Masri
Birth Date:
August 23
Happily Married
Lives in:

Toronto, Canada
No. of Albums:
Mark Masri

Mark's Favorites....

The Shack
by William. P Young
Fratelli's in Toronto
5 (as in high five)
Panang Gai w/ Rotee
Americano or Pina Colada

Mark Recommends:
Greg Sczebel

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Mark Masri & Nita Whitaker
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Mark Masri


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